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CapitalShield is a public-private partnership that unites the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) with commercial property owners, businesses and institutions around a common goal - protecting Washington, D.C.

Through this program, participants can help enhance public safety by providing MPD with direct access to their security cameras. This enables first responders to quickly gain the situational awareness required to assist citizens during emergency situations. 

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How CapitalShield Works


CapitalShield participants can enroll their existing security cameras or request a recommendation on how to better equip their businesses with a new video system which, in turn, can be enrolled. The participant owns and has access to video from any new cameras provided by the program. Program cameras are then connected to MPD’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) for access during critical situations. 

When alerted to an emergency situation or serious crime, MPD accesses area cameras to formulate the fastest and most effective response. MPD does not monitor live camera feeds on an ongoing basis. 



Why Join CapitalShield?


Emergency situations can happen anywhere, at any time, and fast access to your security cameras can make a life-or-death difference for first responders and the general public. CapitalShield is a city-wide initiative and its public safety impact depends on participation by businesses like yours. 

Participation in CapitalShield is a great way to give back to the community while enhancing the security of your property and business. 



Join Other Leaders to Make Our City Safe

The community of Washington, DC and its leaders are actively working with the city to make it the safest it can be. Kastle Systems, the leader in security for commercial businesses, created Capital Shield as a city-wide public-private partnership in order to significantly improve upon the city’s state of preparedness and response.

Kastle Systems is donating its time and resources, and is donating video surveillance cameras to any business to become involved in an effort to make Washington, DC safe. Already, leaders in commercial real estate including Hoffman Associates, The Tower Companies, JBG SMITH, and Tishman Speyer have implemented and enrolled their cameras into CapitalShield so that first responders have immediate, direct access to the cameras when they need them.

To address the heightened state of the threat in today’s world, it is a mission of CapitalShield to make it easy for all business owners to become involved and to enroll their cameras, or place new ones in their locations, in order to grow the level of coverage throughout Washington, DC.


Special Incentive to Join CapitalShield


As a founding member of CapitalShield, Kastle Systems has donated 1,000 new security cameras to jump-start the initiative. We can also enroll existing cameras to make them part of the program. Participants will be provided with the CapitalShield logo for added crime deterrence.

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